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Helium Leak Detectors

Helium Leak Detectors


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Helium Leak Detectors:


Refurbished Helium Leak Detectors: Helium Leak Detectors by Alcatel, Inficon, Leybold and Varian All units listed below are refurbished and come with a three month warranty.

Alcatel ASM-110TCL Helium Leak Detectors- A versatile portable leak detector offering a closed loop flow which combines the best attributes of conventional flow for high sensitivity and short response time and Counter Flow for gross leaks and high pressure leak detection.

Alcatel ASM-110T Helium Leak Detectors- Turbo version of the popular ASM-10: High sensitivity; 5 x 10-12, fast response time, air in-rush protection, and no LN2 requirement.

Alcatel ASM-180T Helium Leak Detectors- The Alcatel 180 turbo unit with an oil sealed vane backing pump. Unit includes auto-cal. Similar to the ASM-180TD+, but with different backing pump and manual calibration.

Alcatel ASM-10 Portable Leak Detector- High sensitivity (8x10-12). Unit has LN2 trapped diffusion pump and a 3.2 CFM vane rough pump. The ASM-10 is very rugged, easy to use and calibrate and has full protection against atmospheric air in-rushes. The throttle valve allows this compact unit to be used on large volumes.

Alcatel ASM-51 Helium Leak Detectors Semi automatic (auto testing capabilities as well as manual throttle valve). This is a console version of the ASM-10, but with a larger rough pump and a dedicated hold pump. The LN2 trap allows for testing on dirty/contaminated components and assists on obtaining high sensitivity. Like the ASM-10, the ASM-51 has 8x10-12

Varian 938-41 Helium Leak Detectors Portable unit with cart and SD-200 vane pump. This is the very popular Porta- test unit and is a great value at $5,500.00. This diffusion pump version model requires no LN2 and is a very simple and dependable leak detector.

Varian 947D Helium Leak Detectors Console model. (2) Turbomolecular and (2) dry scroll pumps make for an all dry system. Unit features fully automatic operation, auto calibration, computer optimized preamplifier, LED display and high sensitivity.

Varian 936-70SP Helium Leak Detectors Console unit with high sensitivity and no LN2 required. Unit is supplied with the SD-200 hold pump and the SD-300 rough pump and we can supply it with the internal compressor.

Varian 956D Helium Leak Detectors Portable unit with automatic leak detection sequencing. A hand held remote control allows usage up to 25 feet away. The D version comes with a dry scroll pump. The other unit is set up to operate with an oil sealed vane pump. Price, with dry scroll pump.. Price with a oil sealed vane pump.. Varian 959D Helium Leak Detectors Portable unit with dry scroll pump

Varian 960D Helium Leak Detectors Console model. (2) Turbomolecular and (2) dry scroll pumps make for an all dry system. Unit features fully automatic operation, auto calibration, computer optimized preamplifier, LED display and high sensitivity ( 2 x 10-11 atm cc/sec for helium. top sensitivity for all Varian leak detectors

Varian 979D Helium Leak Detectors Portable unit: this particular unit comes with the secondary turbo pump, dual scroll pumps, and a cart. It is fully automatic with auto cal and auto zeroing. The dual scroll pumps and the secondary turbo allow for ultra sensitivity, ability to test large volumes and allows for gross leak testing. Price with singular turbo and singular scroll (stock catalog version)

Leybold ModUL-200 Helium Leak Detectors This is the ModUL version which is the versetile version that allows for a variety of backing pumps to be used. This small portable helium leak detector is very light (67 lbs./30.5 kg) which includes the hand held control. The performance is smallest detectable leak rate of 5 x 10-11 atm- cc/sec with an upper limit of 3 mbar (2 torr). Detectable masses, amu: 2,3,4. This particular unit has very few original hours. Price, basic unit: Price with wet pumps: D4B: D8B: D16B: D25B: D40B: Price with Dry Scroll pump

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INFICON Helium Leak Detectors are designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications. Setting the standard for ease-of-use, speed, versatility and reliability, INFICON helium leak detectors include mobile, portable and cabinet models. Two families of leak detectors - helium and refrigerant - are used for a wide variety of purposes. INFICON is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and process control software, with an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries. UL 200 Helium Leak Detector Superior Reliability and Ease of Use The compact, portable UL200 Helium Leak Detector sets the standard for ease-of-use, speed, versatility, reliability, and ease of servicing. The UL200 can be used in a wide variety of leak detection applications including power plant technology and all kinds of quality assurance regarding leak tightness. The design of the instrument makes operating the UL200 as easy as pushing a button. It can calibrate itself automatically with the optional built-in test leak. Because of its high-speed compound turbomolecular pump, as well as its vacuum system architecture. the UL200 detects leaks quickly, making the detection of helium ultrafast over the entire operating pressure range whether in the vacuum mode or sniffing. UL 200 dry Helium Leak Detector True Portability at an Exceptional Price The UL200 dry is the smallest, lightest helium leak detector on the market today. And thanks to a patented technological breakthrough, it costs thousands less than any other helium leak detector. Its small footprint and low weight (75 lbs./34 kg) mean you can use it in places that would be difficult or impossible to reach with other units. However you'll still get the performance of a full-sized unit, thanks to the UL200 dry's 1 x 10E-10 atm-cc/sec leak detection limit and full complement of features. Features * Besides Being Easy to Move, It's Easy to Use: Switch on the power and in three minutes the UL200 dry is ready. * Quality Construction Ensures Superior Performance and Reliability. * Modular Design for Easy Maintenance PROTEC Helium Sniffer Leak Detector A High-Sensitivity Helium Sniffer Leak Detector for Sub-Assembly and Mid-Production Quality Testing PROTEC addresses the quality awareness and cost reduction demands of the air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing environment. PROTEC Helium Sniffer Leak Detector is optimally tuned for leak-testing refrigeration systems before filling or for components during production. Its measurement sensitivity, response times, and price-to-performance ratio are significantly superior to comparable instruments. UL1000 Fab Helium Leak Detector A new Dimension in Stability and Responsiveness on Leaks Down to 10-12 atm cc/s The INFICON UL1000 Fab Mobile Helium Leak Detector is specifically designed to meet the requirements of semiconductor applications. Making ease of use, leak detection efficiency and mobility within the fab environment system priorities, the UL1000 Fab provides an extremely fast leak rate response across all measurement ranges. The UL1000 Fab offers never before seen leak rate stability down to -5x10-12 atm cc/s through an optimised vacuum architecture that combines high helium pumping speed and high inlet pressures. Proprietary software allows you to forget long response times in low leak rate ranges as the UL1000 Fab responds quickly to all leak rate ranges. Designed as a mobile leak detection tool, the UL1000 Fab is highly maneuverable allowing the leak detector easy access throughout the facility. Applications * maintenance work on semiconductor process tools, with or without support from their own pump * inspections and installations of process gas systems * leak testing of components before they are installed in existing tools * applications requiring high pumping speed and senstivity, plus clean testing conditions UL5000 Helium Leak Detector Defining Speed and Accuracy in Leak Detection The INFICON UL5000 Helium Leak Detector is designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications. Featuring INFICON proprietary software algorithms in a field-proven vacuum design, the UL5000 provides testing flexibility, high sensitivity and quick accurate results making any leak detection application fast and easy. The UL5000 delivers fast response times in all measurement ranges and extremely short cycle times in reaching test conditions and final results. The specially designed vacuum architecture provides the continuous high helium pumping speeds and the extremely fast response times you demand. The UL5000 crosses over to test at very high pressures and delivers consistently high pumping speeds across all pressure ranges with excellent sensitivity. Applications * Leak testing components, subassemblies and large chambers used on semiconductor and flat panel display tools * Leak testing semiconductor and flat panel tools * Leak testing aerospace components, subassemblies, and systems * Leak testing medical products, such as pace makers, catheters, X-ray tubes, and MRI systems * Leak testing storage vessels/storage tanks Contura Z Leak Detector Ultra-small Leak Detection for Flexible Packaging INFICON sets a new standard in quality control of flexible packaging with the CONTURA Z Leak Detector. CONTURA Z performs non-destructive, stress-free testing for ultra small leaks. CONTURA Z provides continuous sampling or 100% testing on multiple product lines simultaneously for immediate qualitative and quantitative results. This means a fast, accurate leak check on all critical points of the package, so corrective action can be taken quickly. Single package leaks can be precisely determined with a hand-held sniffer probe. Easy to operate, CONTURA Z provides objective, reliable operator-independent test results.Alcatel leak detector,Inficon leak detector,Leybold leak detector,Varian leak detector

Rebuilt Helium Leak Detectors

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